Blackbirds Film Festival for
​Social and Environmental Change
​26th – 29th January 2017 ​​

Blackbirds Film Festival
​is a community project, ​sharing films for environmental ​and social change.

Blackbirds Film Festival for Social and Environmental Change shares films, stories, conversations and global connections. Blackbirds endeavours to go beyond boundaries and borders to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the earth, and ask what is true diversity?

The Blackbirds journey began in 2014, inspired by the late Adrienne Campbell (1960-2012) – scientist, writer, mother, pioneer, ecologist, activist. Adrienne collected films and stories which captured social and environmental change. It was this film collection which inspired the possibility of holding a festival in January 2015 at O N C A in Brighton, UK, a charity, community and arts space with the mission to inspire positive action in response to current cultural and environmental urgencies, through creativity, courage, collaboration, playfulness, learning and impact.

Since 2015, Blackbirds has continued to grow, to forge collaborations, to present and dissect the issues we face in our changing world, and to provide a recurring space for people from all backgrounds to share films, ideas and experiences.

The Blackbirds Film Festival  2017 Film, Workshop & Presentation Programme

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